Edgmont Townships Municipal Services


Edgmont Township is governed by the Second Class Township Code, which provides the outline for how the Township must legally operate. Township administrative staff work diligently to provide governmental services to Township residents and ensure the continuity of those services. The Board of Supervisors have appointed a Township Manager, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The Manager facilitates the day-to-day management of the Township and is responsible for all Township staff, departments and Township activities.


The Township's organizational structure includes specialized departments, all headed by experienced career professionals, which have been selected based on their experience, educational background, and ability to perform the required responsibilities. These departments provide an extensive array of services to Township residents, businesses, contractors, and all other entities requiring assistance.


  • The Administrative Department is a team of highly qualified professionals, responsible for the proper and efficient management of the day-to-day operations of the Township and a variety of executive and administrative duties. They also provide technical assistance to the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission related to the preparation and enforcement of the Township’s Subdivision and Land Development Code, Zoning Code, and other related Codes.
  • The Building Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the Township Building Code, Zoning Code, and other related Codes. They also provide technical support and guidance to the Zoning Hearing Board related to the preparation and enforcement of the Township’s Zoning Code.
  • The Finance Department handles various financial responsibilities for the Township and administers the Township budget.
  • The Public Works Department, which is contracted through the public bidding process, is responsible for the construction and maintenance of Township infrastructure and facilities.


The Board of Supervisors are the governing body of the Township. The Board, organized under provisions outlined in the 2nd Class Township Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is comprised of three members who are elected to staggered, 6-year terms, in at-large elections. The Supervisors are responsible for the overall governance of the Township in a manner that provides for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the community. To accomplish this, the Board enacts Ordinances (laws), that govern various activities in the Township. In turn, the Second Class Township Code and other laws of the Commonwealth, govern how the Board operates. The Board of Supervisors hold monthly meetings to conduct business on behalf of the Township, which are open to the public. If you have questions on the services the Township provides, please feel free to contact the office.