How is snowplowing handled?

West Chester Pike, Providence Road, Gradyville Road, Delchester Road, Middletown Road, and Valley Road (south of Gradyville Road) are plowed by PennDOT; any concerns can be directed to their maintenance department at 610-566-0972. The salt shed is located on the municipal property at 1000 Gradyville Road, where all plowing activities originate. No plowing will generally occur unless 3” of snow has accumulated on the ground. Plowing contractors do their best to keep at least one pass open during an ongoing snow event and will return to your neighborhood after the snow stops falling to push back corners and turn-around areas. All driveways will experience some snow plow effects; there is no way to avoid that. If your mail box is broken off because it was hit by a plow, we’ll replace it. Otherwise you’ll need to fix it in order to resume mail delivery. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Township.