How do I properly care for my well?

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reports that 40% of the 700 wells tested throughout the state of Pennsylvania over the last two years contained excessive levels of at least one contaminant.  Some of these contaminants include coliform bacteria, lead, and nitrates.  Coliform bacteria was found in 33% of the wells tested.  While essentially harmless, coliform bacteria could signal that it might be easier for more dangerous bacteria, such as E. coli, to contaminate drinking water.  Lead was discovered in 12% of the wells tested and only 2% of the wells tested had nitrate levels above state standards. PaDEP is recommending that homeowners on private well water have their wells tested by a state-certified laboratory. Also, the state recommends that wells be tested if property is disturbed for mining, new construction, other reasons. For your convenience, a list of state-certified labs in the southeastern region can be found here. This list is also available in hard copy at the Township office. The Township encourages all residents to follow these guidelines in order to ensure the health and safety of the community.