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Township Tax

All owners of taxable real property in Edgmont Township (vacant land or residential, commercial, and other structures) are subject to real estate tax each year. Township tax bills are mailed at the beginning of February every calendar year. Taxes paid by March 31 receive a 2% discount off the face amount. Taxes paid after May 31st will be assessed a 10% penalty over the face amount.  All unpaid real estate taxes will be turned over to the Delaware County Tax Claim Bureau in Media for collection no later than January of the following year. The Township Tax books close for collection of taxes by December 31. 

Payment can be mailed directly to the post office box shown on the bill. 

Edgmont’s millage rate for 2024 real estate tax is 0.59. Real estate tax is determined by multiplying the millage rate times the assessed value of property and dividing by 1,000.  The assessed value is shown on the tax bill.

Example:  For a house assessed at $250,000, taxes would be computed as follows:

$250,000  x  0.59 / 1,000 = $147.50

Requests for tax certifications can be made directly from the Berkheimer website (


Local Services Tax (EMST)

On March 16, 2005, the Edgmont Township Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance that replaces the Occupational Privilege Tax (OPT) with the Emergency and Municipal Services Tax (EMST).  On June 21, 2007 the Local Tax Enabling Act was amended by Act 7 of 2007, renaming the EMST to the Local Services Tax.  Under legislation approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, this new tax will cover the costs of services, such as police, fire, emergency services and road construction and maintenance. 

All residents and non-residents alike who are employed in Edgmont Township are required to pay an annual LST of $52.00 (equivalent to $1.00 per week).  Employees are exempt from paying the LST in any calendar year in which they earn less than $12,000. 

The Township requires all employers within its boundaries to deduct the $52.00 LST from each eligible employee and remit to Berkheimer (tax administrator). 

Local Services Tax -- Exemption Certificate -                          


Per Capita Tax

The per capita tax is a flat rate tax equally levied on all residents within Edgmont Township. A resident whose individual adjusted gross income is less than $10,000 is exempt from this tax.  The per capita tax is collected from residents in the amount $10.00. Berkheimer is the taxing administrator. For more information, visit


County and School District Taxes

Delaware County and the Rose Tree Media School District levy separate taxes that are not included on your Edgmont real estate tax bill.

For information about these taxes, contact:

Delaware County Tax Collections                 (610) 891-4278

Rose Tree Media School District                   (610) 627-6140