1329 Sycamore Mills Road, Conditional Use Application, Racossin Enterprises, LLP

The Racossin Enterprises, LLC Conditional Use Application involves the property known as 1329 Sycamore Mills Road. The Property is located on the north side of Sycamore Mills Road opposite Forest Lane. The property is owned by Racossin Enterprises, LLC. The Tax Map Number for the parcel is 19-33-049&050, and the Tax Folio Number is 19-00-00371-00 and 19-00-00372-00.

The proposed improvements include a single family detached residential dwelling, pool, retaining walls, driveway extension, storm water management system, and utility installation. There is no proposed earth disturbance in the area of very steep slopes. A small portion of the proposed dwelling, pool and poll deck, driveway extension, retaining wall, utility installation, and general grading associated with the aforementioned improvements are proposed with areas of steep slopes.

The following is a list of Conditional Uses allowed in the steep slope conservation district:
a. Single-family Detached Dwellings - Section 365-133.B(2)(b)
b. Driveways - Section 365-133.B(2)(a) & 365-133.A(2)(f)
c. Utility service lines -Section 365-133.B(2)(b) & 365-133.A(2)©
d. Pool/Pool Deck - Section 365-133.B(2)(h)
e. Retaining Walls - Section 365-133.B(2)(h)

Previously the parcel contained an existing single family residential dwelling, accessory building, in-ground pool, and access drive. The pool was removed several years ago. The dwelling was demolished a few months ago. The applicant is proposing a new single family
detached dwelling in the same general area of the previous dwelling. In this way, the existing driveway can be used, and the accessory structure will still be in relatively close proximity to the proposed dwelling.