Generator Permits

For generators with natural gas or propane you will need a building permit. 

Please submit the permit application, payment and a plot plan of the property showing where the generator is going to be installed. Please note that if the property has an HOA, we will need the approval letter from the HOA before we issue the permit. Forms may be mailed, hand delivered, or e-mailed to at the Township office. All permit applications must be signed by the property owner. We DO NOT accept permits without payment. 


Payment: You can mail a check into our office or you can pay online here: Make a Payment (Invoices & Fees) - Finance - Edgmont, PA . For online payment - Under Select Payment Item – select Permits.  In the Type of Permit – list the address. Then fill in the rest of the pertinent information.


Required Inspections for Natural Gas AND Propane Generators:

- Final Mechanical Inspection

- Final Electrical Inspection



Mechanical Inspections: When you are ready for any inspection please contact Linn Architects at  or by phone at 610-566-7044 option 2 (the contractor or homeowner can call to set up the inspection).

Electrical Inspections: If you are ready for an electrical inspection, you will need to contact Len Warren at United Inspections at 610-399-5094 to schedule an appointment (the contractor or homeowner can call to set up the inspection).