Cross Connection and Televising Permit Application

Public Sewer District Resale Requirement (Residential AND Non-Residential): 


For property owners (both residential and non-residential) in the Public Sewer District, there is a mandatory resale requirement to have your connection (sometimes called a lateral or building sewer) televised and cross-connections inspected by the Township. Property owners are REQUIRED to notify the Township at least 30 days prior to selling their house/dwelling/building to complete this requirement. This will give you enough time to make any repairs (if needed) before the settlement date.


Note: Properties with septic systems are exempt from this permit.  If you are unsure if your property is located within the Public Sewer District, a map can be found here


Cross Connection & Televising - For a property that has NOT received a televising witnessed by the Township within the last 5 years prior to the current date of resale, a cross connection & televising inspection is required.

The cross-connection inspection will need to be completed by the Township Inspector, Linn Architects. Our inspector will need to have access to the inside of the house/dwelling/building. The televising of the sewer line will need to be completed by a contractor that the owner hires.

Once the Township receives the permit application and fee, the owner/agent will call the contractor to set up an appointment to conduct the televising.  The owner/agent will also need to contact the Township inspector to set up the cross-connection inspection. Please have someone available at the property to let the inspector into the house/dwelling/building for the inspection. Linn Architects does not have to witness the televising of the line, but the Township will need a thumb drive or a copy of the televising for our inspector to review (we cannot accept anything on YouTube). Please email the televising to  A copy of the televising must be provided to the Township upon completion & prior to a Certificate of Compliance being issued. The permit cost is $250.00 and the application link is below.


Cross Connection (only) - For a property that HAS received a televising witnessed by the Township within the last 5 years prior to the current date of resale, ONLY a cross connection inspection is required (televising is not required). This permit does NOT require a contractor and the inspection is performed by Linn Architects. Please contact the Township to verify that the property has had an inspection in the last 5 years. A cross connection inspection is REQUIRED EVERYTIME a property goes to resale. NO EXCEPTIONS. This permit costs $150.00 and the application link is below.

For a list of contractors that have performed televising's in the Township, CLICK HERE.
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