Most zoning districts have guidelines for uses other than principal and accessory uses called "Conditional Uses". These uses are those which the Board of Supervisors has determined are permissible by having a hearing before the Board of Supervisors to set conditions. Please reference the Zoning Code under your zoning district for a full list of Conditional Uses. Conditional Use packets are available below.
PLEASE PRINT THE PACKET IN ITS ENTIRETY. You will need ALL of the below information throughout the Conditional Use process. 
Important Note: Conditional Use Applications are due to the Township twenty-four (24) days prior to the Planning Commission meeting. The Planning Commission is responsible for recommending applications to the Board of Supervisors for a Public Hearing. The Planning Commission meeting dates can be found HERE.

SEPTIC REVIEW IF REQUIRED: As of June 1, 2023, the Delaware County Health Department (DCHD) will review all Subdivision and Land Development applications for PA Act 537 compliance. Plan review submissions for septic requirements are to be submitted directly to the DCHD. Reviews will need to be supplied to the Township once received by the applicant in response to SLDO application submissions. Information for the DCHD application review procedure can be found on the DCHD website or the Edgmont Township website:

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